Latest product news from FARM BLACK paint 100% NZ made for NZ conditions. We are also in the process of developing a better ANTI-CHEW paint for localised areas such as Stable Gates and surrounding fencing... Watch this space!

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    Posted: Wednesday 27 August 2014
  • Westbury Stud Cambridge Review
    I am Craig Baker, Operations Manager at Westbury Stud. Part of my role is to oversee farm maintenance. In 2013, after testing a few paint companies and their products, I decided to offer the job to John from Paint Tech. The reasons for this are...
    Posted: Tuesday 20 May 2014
  • Many thanks. I popped in earlier and got some ULTRA BLACK. When I opened the bucket I assumed it was too thin to do much good but WOW does it cover well. I don't know much about paint so don't know how it works but can only assume it's made with magic of some sort! super fast to apply once I worked out you could just throw it on rough as guts and it would soak in and level out. Very happy! posted by: loolaa2 9:13 pm, Sat 18 Jan
    Posted: Saturday 3 May 2014
  • Let's get to the point... most fence paints are cheap & nasty... so we're doing it better!
    FARM BLACK 100% NZ made for New Zealand conditions. It's been especially formulated with up to 50% MORE BLACK PIGMENT which means you get sharper looking fences for longer and better coverage with each coat. We've also upped the GLOSS FACTOR and added FULL STRENGTH ANTI-MOLD additive to reduce MOLD and LICHEN uptake. UV inhibitors are standard in our paint and protect the life and colour of your fences.
    Posted: Sunday 22 December 2013

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