FARM BLACK and WHITE paint is 100% NZ made for New Zealand cow sheds, horse studs, fencing and all NZ weather conditions. Black paint / stain has been especially formulated with up to 50% MORE BLACK PIGMENT which means you get sharper looking post and rail farm fences for longer. 20 Litres of paint will cover both sides of a 50 metre 3 rail fence.

We've also upped the GLOSS FACTOR, plus added a FULL STRENGTH ANTI-MOULD additive to reduce MOULD and LICHEN. UV inhibitors are standard in all our paint and therefore protects the life and colour of your farm fences and cow sheds for longer.
We're also in the process of developing a better ANTI-CHEW paint for localised areas such as Stable Gates and surrounding fencing. Watch this space!

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FREE FREIGHT for 4 or more 200 Litre Drums of Farm Paint Purchased


    • Paint Primer - All Prime 10L
      Paint Techs Premium All Prime is a unique PRIMER/SEALER/UNDERCOAT based on a hybrid acrylic emulsion. This emulsion has outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including Wood, Concrete, Steel, Aluminium, aged Enamel Paints and Varnishes as well as most plastics.
      Colour: White, may be tinted.
      Theoretical Coverage: :6-7m2.
      May be left for up to 12 months on exterior finishes before applying finish coats.
      NZ$ 149.00
    • Subflex 5000 High Elastomeric Membrane Paint
      Subflex 5000 Extreme cowshed paint, this product is tough and durable recommended for use around the farm on items such as cowshed pits and water tanks etc
      NZ$ 179.00
    • NovEpoxy Paint
      2-pack zero VOC water based epoxy polyamine coating ideal for application to all forms of flooring substrates, including damp surfaces.
      High water and chemical resistance similar to its solvent counterparts, while being completely VOC free.
      Ideal for Garage and warehouse floors, Food processing plants cowsheds, Meat works, schools.
      Physical Properties:
      • Drying Time: Touch dry 2 hours @ 20°C
      • Recoat Time: 3–4 hours depending on temperature & Humidity.
      • Theoretical Coverage:Approximately 6 M²/lt.
      • Abrasion Resistance: Excellent.
      Performance and Limitations:
      Ideal for application without primer to sound concrete, masonry and timber substrates.
      High surface hardness .
      Excellent resistance to abrasion
      May be regularly steam cleaned or power washed when fully cured
      NZ$ 159.00

FREE FREIGHT for 4 or more 200 Litre Drums of FARM PAINT Purchased